Mission statement

To educate the children of today, for a better life and future tomorrow.

About the charity

This is something close to home. Where I grew up in a household where financial restraints were always at the top of the list.

At Fury SA Radio Education charity, we want to take away those financial issues most parents have and create opportunities for kids that have the ability and the will power to become great.

It is not everyone that grows up with guidance from two loving parents, where opportunities are created and a child is pushed into a career that they are passionate about. Most kids go through their school careers unknowing and uneducated for the day of tomorrow. Making decisions that will shape their future and grabbing opportunities that gets presented to them more often than not.

We want to create and give opportunities to the children to strive for a better life, for the day of tomorrow and a brighter future. Help them find what they are passionate about and to let them create their own path to a better tomorrow.

A good education can never be taken away from anyone. A good education can never be given to anyone that does not have the passion and self-drive to go out and get it.

A good education will last a child’s whole life and shape a child’s future. And through guidance and motivation, they can achieve their goals and have the opportunities to do anything.

When you do make a donation, please feel free to give us your favourite Heavy Metal and Rock songs so we can dedicate this to you, and to say thank you for contributing to make education in South Africa better.

Furious love and respect

Fury SA Radio Charity Team

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